Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hive Help for Mr. E

Hey Hive!  I need some help for Mr. E.  Back in the day, I mentioned the ties we selected for the Dads, Groomsmen and Ushers, but we had yet to pick one for the groom. 

We did end up finding another slate tie for the best man, but still kept the navy one.  We thought this could be a possibility for Mr. E.

The only reason why I'm not gung ho on this look was because I didn't feel like Mr. E would stand out enough. 

During another shopping trip I found a blue and green tie (very similar to my original inspiration picture) and picked it up.  60% off? Yes please!

Mr. E is happy with either tie, but do you think maybe I should keep looking?

Which do you like best?
Option A (similar ties)

Option B (stand out blue/green)

Option C (keep looking)

If you have seen another tie (possibly online) that you think would look killer with the ties for the groomsmen, let me know!

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