Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Is It So Hard To Respond?

We all go through it.  We send out our invites and then patiently wait everyday to check the mail and see those RSVPs come in.  At first it's exciting because you get several cards a day from guests that are so excited to share the day with you.  Then the responses go from a flow to a trickle, some days not receiving even one card.

The due date comes and goes, and there are still some slackers that you have yet to hear from.  You and your family start making calls, sending emails, texting & facebook messages.  Anything just to get a response.  Is it really that hard to put a self addresses and stamped card back in the mail??

The No and Yes piles

We did get to whip out the black light pen for 2 postcards that were left blank.

We also had a joker or two try and add more guests then their card allowed for.

Love you BM Cali!

I'm a numbers person, so I always love seeing the guest list break down on the Bee.  Our total includes the 18 additional guests that we invited after we started getting more no responses.  The RSVP date for the second set was March 12.

Total guests invited: 222
Total guests from out of town: 143 (64%)
Total guests RSVP by date: 198 (89%)
Total Yes: 123 (55.4%), of which 47.2% are out of town, 52.8% in town
Total No: 101 (45.5%)

What's that you say?  My math is off?  Well, that is no fault of mine.  After I was all happy that we had received all of the RSVPs, I was informed that there are two "surprise" guests that will be coming to the wedding that were not actually sent an invite (they were invited by another couple that is coming to the wedding). This was after I finished the table assignments which left only single seats here and there. Was I upset about this? Just a tad.  I didn't understand why they were never included in the original invite list since they are pretty amazing friends of my parents (the guy was a groomsman in my parents' wedding and the couple was along for the ride to the hospital as Mama E was going into labor with me), but it all worked out and I know Daddy E is going to be so surprised when they show up from Canada.

Honestly, I was pretty stressed about how many invites we were sending out.  We ideally wanted 150 people, but with such a high out of town percentage (which I identified as anyone more then 2 hours away) we knew we would have a higher no percentage than average.  

As always, there were people that we thought would be a yes, but are not able to come.  Similarly there were "oh they won't come" family invites that will actually be making the trip from the East Coast.  Mama E thinks this may be because I am the last niece on that side of the family to get married (mom is the second youngest of 7 girls, so all of my first cousins are much older).  I know our RSVP by date percentage would have been  WAY lower if we didn't start nudging guests for responses the week of the due date.

So there you have it, the Elephant wedding will be a loving, celebratory crowd of 125 (including the bride and groom) and we're so excited to get this party started!

How was your RSVP situation?  Did you have to follow up with numerous guests that did not respond?  What was your final head count compared to the number you were hoping for? Did you have any "surprise" guests?

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