Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Still Fits And I Still Love It!

Ever since picking up my dress way back in June, I've been worried.  I was worried that reading wedding blogs, not particularly looking for dresses but looking at dresses, would have me second guessing my dress.  I was also worried that it would no longer fit.  No clue why, because it's a lace up back and I have been working out more since picking up the dress then I did before buying it.  But the nightmares continued...

Until Saturday when I had my first dress fitting.  It's been 9 months since I last put the dress on, and when I stepped into it I knew I was still in love with it!

Becky (the tailor) was such a sweet lady who came with raving reviews from other local brides.  She laced me up while showing Mama E how to avoid making it too tight at the top.  After pinning up the hem, we discussed the options for the bustle.  First up the American bustle:

It was pretty, but didn't really do anything for me.  Next up the French bustle:

I won't have the strings hanging out on the wedding day

I don't know what it is about the French bustle, but I loved it!  Becky said either bustle would work with the beading at the bottom of my dress, so we took a vote.  3 easy votes for French and we were good to go.

Did you second guess your dress over time or during a long period of not seeing it?  What type of bustle are you using on your dress?

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