Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A BEEutiful Something Borrowed

Can I just say I LOVE Weddingbee???

After Mama Elephant purchased the amazing necklace that she later gave me at my shower, I had a feeling that my original earrings wouldn't work.

So the hunt began!  The first stop was Swarovski where Mama Elephant and I picked out the necklace.  They had matching earrings, but they were not drop earrings and didn't really do anything for me.  I did search online, but was in no rush to select something because I thought I had a lot of time.  I browsed around until a golden opportunity presented itself.

Enter Weddingbee, and in particular Mrs. Champagne.  She was so kind to send her wedding day earrings so I could see if they would work with my necklace.

Yay for a package with weddingbee icons.

How sweet of Mrs. Champagne to wrap up the earrings in blue and green tissue paper that match our wedding colors! A little detail a bride would notice :) She also included a touching card with that famous wedding saying on the front.

A little unwrapping and we have the gorgeous earrings!

 And a quick shot of the earrings next to my necklace.

LOVE them!  The teardrop shapes go so well together and I am so honored to be able to include my something borrowed from a bee!  Thank you so much Mrs. Champagne!!

Do you have something borrowed?  What is it?

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