Thursday, March 24, 2011

Table Assignments Made Easier

Not gonna lie, assigning tables was not something that I looked forward to doing.  Making sure people sat with people that they knew as well as filling in all of the extra spots was a little daunting. The hardest guests were the ones that knew no one else (other than my parents). As the RSVPs came rolling in, I started to work on the escort cards and visualize how our groupings of 10 would go.

Perfect Table Plan made the task a little easier as I was able to import my excel guest list and play around with table groups.  When Mama Elephant wanted to make some changes (and there was more then a couple), it was a simple drag and drop to switch up the seating.

I found it so easy that I also used it to plan out how we wanted our rehearsal dinner room to be set up.

The team at Blue Mesa took the layout, said no problem and will have our room set up before we arrive!  I'll probably still get there a little early so I can set up the escort cards, fingerprint tree and wedding quilt.

How will you do seating at your wedding? Open, assigned table or assigned seat?

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