Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help Wanted - Rehearsal Jewelry

Hey hive, I could really use some help with the jewelry for my rehearsal dress!  I picked up a blue strapless dress (I'll be wearing the same dress in purple for BM Philly's wedding in August!) and now need to figure out how to accessorize  it.

Sample dress when shopping with BM Philly 

Since I will be borrowing Mrs. Champagne's earrings for the wedding, I thought about wearing the original earrings I purchased for the rehearsal dinner (Thanks for the suggestion hive member Lindsay12.31.2010!).

With that dress, and those earrings would you suggest wearing a simple necklace (most likely the one that I wear everyday given to me by Mr. E for Christmas a while back)?

Or should I skip the dangling earrings and wear a bolder necklace?

Source (But a less expensive version)

What do you think?  Bolder necklace and stud earrings, or the blue earrings and a simple necklace?  I'm also open to any other necklace suggestions you may have!  Thank you in advance! :)

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