Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gifting The Guys

I don't want you to think I'm a slacking since we're only talking about gifts for the guys today.  Gifts for my girls have already been purchased but I know that they read this so I won't be posting pics until after they get them.  Love you ladies, but I think you would be too tempted to look!  For BM Cali and BM Aggie - no telling your husbands what their gift is ;)

Mr. E loves the chucks that we ordered for our engagement pictures so he designed some for his groomsmen to change into for the reception.  They are black with a couple of blue touches.  We had a very interesting time coming up with nicknames for each of the guys.

This pair is for Elephant Bro - "Black 24" is his favorite number on the roulette table

The stack of shoes (please excuse the messy table)

It's hard to tell, but the eye holes for the laces are blue

I've got the gifts for the bridesmaids, readers and house party so the only people left to shop for are the ushers.  For me, it always seems easier to shop for girls than for guys.

What type of gifts did your groom select for the guys standing up for him?

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