Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Lesson In Chocolate Making

I must blame thank the Bee and Mrs. Starfish for the Elephant endeavor into chocolate making.  I saw Mrs. Starfish's post on making chocolates for her OOT bags and I loved the idea!  These would be great favors.  How hard could it be?

The answer is pretty hard!  Well I take that back, not hard enough to scrap the idea, but there were some major fails on the way to success.

After ordering candy molds in the shape of Texas and Pennsylvania (representing the states Mr. E and I were born in), I searched online for tips/instructions on chocolate melting.  They say to use the chocolate that you like to eat...well stupid me thought of actual chocolate, not baking chocolate.

Big fail - Spending the time to unwrap Hersey milk chocolate kisses and then finding out they don't really melt.

Measuring out the kisses

After 20 mins of heating & stirring in the double boiler (thank you Mr. E for buying that!)

I refused to let this mess go to waste, so I filled a couple a molds and threw them into the freezer while Mama E and I ran up to Kroger to get better melting chocolate.

Boy am I lucky to have a mom that is much better in the baking/cooking category than I am.  We picked up Nestle and Ghirardelli milk chocolate baking morsels and got to work.

Mom added a little Crisco and in 7 mins we had this!

Much better looking!

We used squeeze bottles to fill the molds, although I think the spoon worked just fine... a little messy but fine.

Always tap the molds to level out the chocolate and remove any air bubbles.  Into the freezer for 5-10 mins...

...and you're left with yummy chocolates that just pop out of the molds!

Can you tell which one was my very first to fill?

I think the iPhone/lighting in the kitchen made the PA chocolates look lighter than the Texas ones.  In reality they are all the same shade.  The finishing touches were to bag & tie them up.

The plan is to make them next weekend and store them in the freezer until the week of the big day when we'll box them up.  Big thanks to BM Aggie who helped me put together all of the boxes so all we'll have to do is drop in the chocolates!

Would you ever consider making your own chocolate favors?

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