Saturday, May 22, 2010

A spin on the guestbook

Oh, the wedding guestbook. When I think of wedding guestbooks, I think of white books with tons of lines that guest sign their name and possibly address (sometimes not even legible) and the bride and groom store away in some drawer or box after the wedding. Sounds like a waste to me.

I knew I wanted to do something a little different, in hopes that I would actually look at the guestbook more than once after the wedding. I made the mistake of looking online for inspiration and found so many different ideas.
Some of my favorite ideas were the wedding bench idea, seen in this post from Mrs. Apple Cider:

Or the tree thumb print idea suggested by Mrs. Poodle here,

And then I found this photo vie Style Me Pretty, and knew it would be perfect!

Image Source

Postcards! Works with our theme, and allows for more then one guest to be writing at once. This great idea has been used by other bees like Mrs. Pencils and Miss Starfish. The guest will leave us a little message on the postcard and we will put them into an album after the wedding, hopefully with their strips from the photobooth.

While in Michael's armed with a 50% off coupon I came across an unfinished wooden chest that would work so well to display the postcards. I got right to work painting the chest in our blue and green colors (thanks to left over paint from our wooden signs), and of course took a couple of pictures of my handiwork.

Next up will be to look for a photo album that I like, oh and of course hundreds of postcards.

What did you do for your guestbook?

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