Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Embossing up a storm

Our travel themed programs are by far the wedding detail I am most excited about! I knew that embossing these bad boys would take some time, so I decided to do them ahead of schedule since I had some free weekend time.

Let's take a quick photo tour of my embossing good time, shall we? (all personal pictures)

First off the set up, I figured out that I had enough embossing powder to do 3 passport covers at a time.

A little commentary on my set up

After much trial and error, I determined that I had to use 2 different powders. One more sparkly for the top half, and a different one for the text on the bottom so that it is readable.

Here's a shot halfway through the heating process where you can see it turning from powder to awesomeness.

The green cardstock and gold powder was a lot darker prior to heating.

Here's my little helper Gypsy, doing what she does best!

120 covers later, and I'm all done!

A close up of the blue/silver cover...

And here's the green/gold cover.

I love love love these! Once we nail down the order of the ceremony with our pastor (closer to the wedding), I'll print out the inside text and complete these.

What was your favorite DIY project to work on?

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