Saturday, February 6, 2010

Travel themed programs

I’ve been a little all over the board when it came to programs. At first I wanted something simple and easy, probably similar to our save the dates in a square fashion with cardstock and paper.

Square program from the Knot

After immersing myself in the world of DIY I thought it would be great to add a little personal effort and make programs that could double as fans for the Texas heat (although I’m hoping for not that much heat in April).

Fan Program via Mrs. Mouse on Weddingbee

I was pretty set on the fan programs after finding an easy to follow template online so I pushed that thought aside and worked on other DIY mock ups. One weekend while reading Wedding bee archives I came across Mrs. Sushi’s Passport Save the Dates for her destination wedding and changed my mind once again on our programs.

Mrs. Sushi's Awesome Save the Dates

I was in LOVE with the passport idea and knew that it would be perfect for our travel themed reception.

I got the ball rolling by putting out an Alchemy request on Etsy for another custom stamp (my 3rd custom stamp for wedding related purposes). This stamp would be used on the cover of the passport since 1- I couldn’t justify purchasing a Gocco machine like Mrs. Sushi used, and 2- the cardstock that I am using for our other paper products and my printer do NOT get along.

While waiting for the stamp to come in I played around with the number of pages and layout of information for the content. I used a free template found online here for the sideways page, but all of the rest are my own layout.

Including the pages that are actually connected to the passport cover, we’ll have 10 pages of information. Don’t worry; there are no novels in there, so it’ll be a quick read for guests while they wait for the ceremony to start. When creating your own remember that certain pages need to be on the back of other pages. Here’s how my pages lined up:
- Page 1 & Page 10 (this page is stuck to the cardstock)
- Page 2 & Page 9 which is printed on the back of Page 3 & Page 8
- Page 4 & Page 7 is printed on the back of Page 5 & Page 6

Once the stamp arrived I followed these simple steps to complete my mock up.
1. Print out information on home printer
2. Use personal cutter to cut pages - I put a faint gray box around the pages so it was easier to know where to cut.

3. Trace & Cut out cover from cardstock. I could get 2 covers from each page of 12x12 paper

4. Attach the first/last page to the inside of your cover. I used my Xryon runner to glue the page.

5. Attach other pages by using a stapler. One single staple in the middle should do it for you.

6. Round the edges of the paper. I justified the purchase of a corner rounder since we’ll be using it on the table names as well as the escort cards.

7. Stamp the cover with embossing ink and cover with embossing powder. Use heat gun (or any other heat source you want) to heat the embossing powder. (more in-depth embossing instructions can be found here)

8. Let dry and there you go. Passport Programs! We'll be doing half in blue & silver and half in green & gold

Will your programs tie in with a theme? How many do you plan to make with your given guest list?

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