Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The only constant is change

That saying seems even truer in a long engagement, the extra time is giving me more time to see other inspiration and change my mind on projects. Oh how I hope this doesn’t affect me with every project :)

Case in point, save the dates. As you may remember back here, we were going with a basic card made from cardstock, with hotel information and a magnet inside. I’m not changing the inside because I like it just the way it is, but I was thinking that the front could use a little more “travel” inspiration to tie in with the theme. I played around with a couple ideas and ended up with a cute alternative to the simple square front.

Using MS word I took the “Save The Date” and our date and placed it into a luggage tag shape. I then made a faint grey text box for the words “Miss E and Mr. E are getting married!” and added blue and green suitcases (from clip art) to the bottom corner. Since I have already cut out green cardstock as matting for the front, I made sure the two pieces could be cut from that.

I glued the pieces together using my adhesive runner and here is the final product.

What do you think? Did you make a lot of changes during your engagement?

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