Saturday, August 8, 2009

Save The Date Mock Ups

We decided that we'll send out save the dates (STD) since a decent percentage of our guests are out of town. I previouly mentioned the magnet that Mr. E designed for our STDs and now I'll show the mock of the card that we will be sending it in.

It's pretty simple, using the same scrapbook paper that we're using for all of our signs around the reception. The card is made from 12x12 blue cardstock cut in half. I trimmed the width from 6 inches to 5 and 1/4. The matting under the text comes from the same 12x12 green cardstock that created a mission for me when doing the mock up of our invites. I measured the 3 different mattings and found that I could fit 2 cards worth on one sheet of 12x12. I made tracers to make it faster to trace and then cut out.

Tracing and cutting these bad boys took some time. After the hard part of tracing and cutting all that was left was to glue down the text parts and then cut little slits for the magnet.
Here's the front with our monogram designed by Mr. E:

And here's the inside. On the left will be the hotel information for our guests. The right holds the magnet and a our website information.


Of course after making these I remembered that postage costs more for square invites, but I like them too much to change them - at least for right now. Talk to me again after we have to shell out the extra money to the post office lol :)

Did postage have any factor in the shape of your save the dates or invites?

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