Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Floral inspiration

When meeting with our planner to sign our contract, she asked a ton of questions to get a better idea of what we want in a wedding. Two questions that stuck out to me were: “If you had to rank the different aspects of your wedding, what would be the top three? And what would be the bottom three?” Without hesitation, I said that the most important thing was photography and the least important was flowers. (It did take me a little while with help from Mr. E to come up with the rest of the top 3 and bottom 3). I’ve already mentioned our amazing photographer, so let’s talk about the floral aspect.

I was never a huge flower person, which is funny because Mama Elephant LOVES to have fresh flowers and plants around her house. I always tried to get out of watering those things! When I started dating Mr. E and we reached one of our first special occasions (my birthday) I told him I didn’t want any flowers. Honestly, I think they can be pretty and smell great, but they always die so quickly and therefore seem like a waste of money to me. The only times that Mr. E has sent me flowers were for Valentine’s Day (each one that we’ve spent together) and I did feel special when they arrived at my office. Those star gazer lilies lasted a good couple of weeks! Which I have no doubt had to do with the company that Mr. E ordered them from since they come pre-bloom.

As you may have guessed from my DIY posts, not all of the flowers will be real (another attempt to save some money). I have already made the flower girl pomander out of silk flowers and will be making the aisle pomanders out of tissue paper for the ceremony.

Figuring that we would need at least some real flowers for the wedding, (although I have seen tons of beautiful weddings without any expensive floral arrangements) I started to search the magazines and websites for inspiration pictures. I’m picturing blues, greens and a little yellow for the bouquets as well as the centerpieces, and have become a big fan of the hydrangeas. They are very pretty, and you get a lot of flower for one stem (which may or may not cut down on the cost of making full arrangements).

I’m in love with this picture as an idea for the shorter centerpieces

And some pictures of blue/green bouquets ideas.

We’re kinda stuck on some ideas for taller centerpieces. I don’t want to run up the tab on taller arrangements, but believe that they will make the pin spot lighting on the tables worth it.

Were flowers a top priority to you when it came to wedding planning?

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