Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I haven't decided if the length of our engagement is going to be good or bad when it comes to changes....

Originally we we're planning to do a buffet and a candy bar. Chris and I got to thinking about a splurge that would make our wedding memorable and looked into a photobooth. The photobooth holds a special meaning for us since it was the first pictures we took together and that strip still hangs on fridge. All of these things would be wonderful, if it weren't for the size of our venue. It's not the biggest venue (which isn't bad because we're looking to keep the guest list between 125 and 150) and when we stopped off at their bridal open house this past Sunday, I really took note of the size. Looking around as the room was partially set up for a reception made me realize that there's really not a way to fit the buffet, candy bar and photobooth in that room. I emailed our planner on her thoughts and she said we would either need to go to seated dinner (a little too stuffy for our taste) or move the candy bar into the foyer area. I feel that moving it out there will result in less people going to it, and therefore leaving us with a lot of candy to take home.

Chris and I talked and we decided that the photobooth (if we can squeeze it into the budget) would be way more fun then the candy bar and would be a lasting memory that people can take home with them. If we still wanted to do something edible, we could always box up a little chocolate or cookies (we really love cookies) and leave it at each place setting for people to take home. The more I thought about this, the more I liked it. This way we could also add a little more blue and green to the tables without jacking up the flower budget. One of my bridesmaids Corinne totally agreed. As she put it, the candy bar and photobooth would be spending too much on the guests (although she loves her some sweets). The small package on the table would suffice and still allow us to use our monogram stickers or luggage tag thank you ideas.

On a side note, at the bridal open house there was a centerpiece idea that I fell in love with (and it didn't hurt that it was in one of our colors). What do you think?

I like that it gives height to the tables, and we could supplie the stones and smaller vases ourselves if it saves on the floral budget. Our venue supplies for free votive and tea lights in our package.

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