Saturday, August 1, 2009

In it for the long haul

Well we're only 4 months into our 25 month engagement and I feel like I've hit a lull. I'm still super excited about the wedding and planning, but I feel that I've done all the mock ups for the DIY paper goods that we plan on doing. Now that I'm happy with the "final drafts" I don’t really have anything to do until the time gets closer to actually start assembling and mailing out the save the dates, which we can't do until we take our engagement photos... which kinda requires us to book our photographer, LOL. There are some things that I could work on, like the silk flower pomander for Chris' niece (probably going to do that this weekend & check out Hobby Lobby since their stems are 50% off) but I don't really feel like I'm in the rush to get it done. And why should I be? We still have well over a year to complete things.

Maybe I will get some good ideas from the Modern Bride magazine that should be coming in the mail soon. Thanks to my amazing MOH, Kristen I will now have a subscription to Modern Bride to help me out during this long engagement! I thought it was so sweet of her to do that for me! It's little things like that that show you how wonderful your friends/bridal party are.

Speaking of bridal party, one of my bridesmaids (BM) Colby has found a really great site for BM dresses! She took the time to go through a lot of dresses and send me links of styles to get my opinion on them. I'm so grateful that she's already looking into this because it's one less thing that we will be able to check off the list. As I told my BMs, I want them to feel pretty on the big day, and where what looks good on them. So the only requirements that I have for the dresses are that they are all the same length and the same shade of blue… other than that, it'll be up to them to pick the style that they love the most. We're thinking of adding the green into their attire by adding a green sash, or a green necklace. We'll also probably have green and yellow mixed in their blue flowers.

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