Friday, August 28, 2009

Are you ready for some football??

You may be wondering what does football have to do with our wedding planning? My answer is “not much at all”, but with the real seasons of college football and the NFL just around the corner I thought I would mention how in a way it does tie in with our planning.

First things first, I’m a huge football fan! It may have started when I was younger and would watch games with my dad. His group of friends would switch off who would host Monday Night Football watching parties, and I always loved when it was dad’s week. Mama Elephant would make some tasty treats for the guys, and I would sometimes sneak down to our landing and watch the game with them. Unlike your average couple, I can honestly say that I’m a bigger football fan than Mr. E. He played in middle school and high school but never really got into it. Thankfully he doesn’t mind that my fall weekends are filled with football, and he actually cheers for my favorite teams right along with me - the Texas A&M Aggies and the Philadelphia Eagles.

When we were planning the colors of the wedding we knew that we wanted blue to be the main color. One accent color that came to mind was silver, but that was quickly nixed when I thought that people may think it’s a Dallas Cowboys themed wedding (whose colors are blue and silver). Although Mr. E’s older brother would have loved that, there’s no way those colors could show up together at the wedding for an original Philly fan. (For those of you that aren’t big football watchers, the Cowboys and the Eagles are big rivals). I’m glad that we are going with blue, green and an accent of yellow for the wedding!


As I mentioned earlier, my fall weekends are filled with football on the TV. Even if they are teams that I don’t really follow, I’ll still find myself watching. With the paper projects I have in mind, I think it will be a great time to get them done. I can just turn on a game and work on programs, escort cards or menus.  We'll probably set up an assembly line to put together the invites while watching football.  See, football weekends are a prime time to knock out some DIY projects! And even if I don’t have a project to work, I can sit on the couch and read Weddingbee while the game is on.

Even Gypsy is an Aggie Fan

Are you or your fiance a football fan?  Are you incorporating your favorite team or Alma mater into your wedding?

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