Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crazy Bridezillas

I’m not going to lie; I am sitting here on a Sunday sucked into a bridezilla marathon on WE TV. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t turn away from. I can’t believe that some brides are this crazy and demanding and down right rude to their loved ones. How do their families deal with their attitude? Especially when it’s going to be on TV for others to see?

After Chris proposed and we begun to talk about wedding plans the topic of stress came up. I know that I can get stressed out at times and I knew I didn’t want to become a bridezilla. Chris made me a promise that if I ever get to a stressed out point that he would take away my phone and all wedding planning materials and we would do something that has nothing to do with the wedding.

Even though I hope to never get that stressed out, I think it’s a really good idea to set aside a day here and there to just hang out with Chris – no talking or thinking about anything wedding related. Hopefully his busy schedule with class and work will allow for a date night here and there.


littlewedplanblog said...

Hey! Just found your blog through Weddingbee...I totally got sucked into that Bridezillas marathon too! Those girls are CRA-ZY. Also just wanted to say we have a lot in common...aka DIY flower pomanders and our love of football! :)

Lauren said...

They are CRAZY! yay for another bride that loves football!!!