Monday, August 3, 2009

What you can do with a little time and effort

This weekend I tackled the pomander project. Mr. E's niece, who will be 3 by the time the wedding rolls around, will hopefully be our flower girl (depending on her comfortable level with crowds) and I thought that a pomander would be perfect for her to carry down the aisle. Pomander made out of real flowers can be quite costly, and with a 3 year old I highly doubt the real flowers would make it through the day so I decided that fake flowers would be the way to go.

I collected my supplies over 2 days, and technically 4 stores (gotta make use out of the 50% off coupons that we had at Michael's). I picked up the following items:
5 in foam ball = $4.50
3 clearance stems of blue hydrangea at Michael's summer sale, $1 each = $3
2 stems of light green flowers (only used one, so I'll be returning the other) = $1.50
Mini glue gun (50% off coupon) = $1.50
18 mini glue sticks = $3
3 stems of blue hydrangea at Hobby Lobby $5.99 each (sale for 50% off) = $9
Ribbon left over from invitation mock up = Free

Total = $22.50 plus tax. Could have been cheaper if I borrowed Mama Elephant's glue gun and sticks, but I was too lazy to drive all the way to her house lol.

After picking up the $1 stems at Michael's I went to 2 other stores trying to find more, and sadly they were all sold out. I knew the 3 I had wouldn't fill the ball, so I stopped at Hobby Lobby and bought 3 there. Thankfully they were very close in color, and 50% off was better than the normal $5.99 per stem.

I started the project by pushing a hole through the middle of the foam ball with a screwdriver… too bad our screwdriver wasn't long enough to make it through the whole ball (my bad) so I went back with a long paint brush and completed the hole throughout the ball. I pushed the ribbon into the whole, doubled over so that our flower girl will be able to hold it. I didn't want any ribbon showing at the bottom so I tied a knot on the bottom, and then cut off the excess.

Once the ribbon was secured, I could start on the hydrangeas. I cut off each petal, leaving a little bit of stem in order to stick it into the foam ball.

I punched a little hole with the end of a paint brush, would fill it with a little hot glue and then stuck the stem in. I continued this process working my way around and down the ball. This took about 5 and a half stems worth of hydrangeas, and I had already cut off the other half so I went back and filled in any little space of white I could find. After the hydrangeas were attached, I sporadically went around and glued the little green flowers to give a little contrast to the dark blue.

This wasn't a fast project, but I did finish it in one sitting of He's Just Not That Into You on DVD. I love how it turned out and am tempted to do something similar for our aisle, but may go the cheaper route and do tissue paper instead of silk flowers.

After looking at it, and considering the height of Mr. E's niece, I'm probably going to shorten the ribbon before the wedding day.

Did you use silk flowers for any of your wedding projects?

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