Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Engagement Props

To go along with our travel theme for the wedding, we'll be shooting our engagement pictures (in 3 days, EEEEEEEEE!) with a travel theme. I don't want to give away too much until I can share the sure to be amazing pictures with you, but I think a little sneak peak is in order.

When emailing back and forth with our photographer, Lynn, about our photo shoot she said "Tell me you are bringing old suitcases, because that would cause me to happy dance!" (Love her, she's so enthusiastic!) To which I responded of course!

The first thought was to check Etsy, but the cost was a little much for something we would only use once, maybe twice. Next thought was to rent them from a local antique shop, but my awesome mom used some connections and got some for us, for FREE (that word is music to my ears when it comes to anything associated with our wedding)!!

These beauties will be making an appearance in our engagement pictures.

Pics from Mom's cell phone.

I am so excited! Mom you did good! ;)

Did you use any props in your engagement shoot?

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