Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hair accessories

When it comes to wedding day hair, I know that I don’t want to wear a tiara. They are pretty, but just not really my style. Like I mentioned before, I’m planning on wearing a flower or similar piece in my hair.

I don’t want a huge flower that will take up half my hair, just something that will add a touch to my dark hair. I was looking on Etsy this morning and found these:

Etsy Seller Nomsa (link)

These would go great with the colors in our wedding, but I’m not sure the blue will really stand out with my dark hair. So I checked out a similar version in white:

Etsy Seller Nomsa (link)

I think this would pop more in my hair, and if I decide to go with it, I might see if an Etsy seller (or a past Bee) can customize it so I can still work blue and green into the center of the flower.

What type of hair accessory are you thinking of using for your wedding?

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