Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vases for Decor

It's an ongoing joke between my mom, Mr. E & me that when ever we want to add something to the budget that we'll just take it from the flower budget. I'm not the biggest fan of flowers, at least not spending thousands on something that will most likely die within a couple of days.

Our planner Kathie is going to save us some money by buying the flowers wholesale and doing all the arrangements herself (score for one less vendor to book!). We won't be doing anything elaborate (which means expensive to me) and Kathie has a ton of vases so we don't have to pay for those either. Of course I forgot all about Kathie's supply of vases when I saw a local Knottie selling some of hers for a great price (24 vases for $32).

I haven't really thought out how we'll be using these since the centerpieces are still in the planning process. If they aren't utilized for centerpieces I know they will look great to spruce up the escort card and gift tables. To save on the floral budget we're thinking of using ribbons, colored stones, water and floating candles or underwater floralytes. I tested the ribbon look on the vases, and I really like it!

I need to pick up some some floating candles and floralytes to test out which look I like better.

What ideas did you use to reduce the costs of your decor?

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