Monday, July 20, 2009

L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E

One of my guilty pleasure musical artists would be Ashlee Simpson, I must admit there is something about her songs that get stuck in my head, including L.O.V.E. which would pop up in my head while working on this next DIY project.

While browsing the aisles of Michael’s with Mr. E in tow, (oh how I love to shop for things when I have coupons!) I got a few ideas for some d├ęcor for the wedding/reception. One idea was to make a sign with our married name to display on the guest book table, and another sign spelling out LOVE for the candy/chocolate buffet table.

We proceeded to the wooden letters section and found the letters to spell out his last name and an unfinished wooden plaque to glue them to (thankfully he has a short last name, because we wouldn’t have been able to fit my last name on that plaque), along with paint and a couple Swarovski crystals for a little bling. They didn’t have the letters to spell LOVE, so we picked those up from another Michael’s (I think I’ve been to all 4 locations that are within 20 miles of our apartment.) along with another piece of unfinished wood and some wooden rods to stick the letters up. For internet privacy reasons I won’t post pictures of the sign with Mr. E’s last name, but trust me, it’s cute!

For the LOVE sign I painted the letters in alternating colors (blue and green). It took a little while because I would paint the tops & let them dry, then paint the sides and let them dry, and then finally the backs. Once the letters were finished I started on the wooden base. Mr. E suggested painting it alternating colors as well, so that’s what I did. I also painted the mini rods that would connect the letters to the wooden base. Once that was all said and done, Mr. E got to work on drilling holes. He first drilled holes in the bottom of the letters so the rods would fit in them. After the letters, he measured out and drilled holes into the base.

Once the holes were drilled, all we had to do was assemble the sign. Here’s the finished sign! It’s a little hard to see the crystals in the corners of the letters, but they’re there. This will be a great way to incorporate our colors and add a little decor onto the candy/chocolate bar.

Did your FI help with any DIY projects?

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