Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paper, paper and more paper…

In my opinion, one of the most popular wedding DIY projects is creating your own paper products, more specifically the wedding invites. We searched a couple (numerous) online sites for invitation ideas, but then priced out how much it would be to order the amount of invites. $700 for 150 invites? Really? I think that’s a crazy amount to pay for paper that most people will probably throw away anyways. $4.67 per invite and that’s not even including the postage which will add up really fast. So I went to the DIY board on the knot, read invitation posts, and picked up the recommended sites for paper supplies. I went to and searched through the various different types of cardstock invites. While the pocketfolds were very cute, we won’t really have enough extra information cards to make it worth it. I fell in love with the petal invites and showed them to Chris, who liked them as well. I ordered some samples, which arrived in a couple of days, and got to work on the mock up. After trial and error, mixing and matching what we thought looked best we came up with a final draft. The final draft consists of a mixture of products and cardstock that I found at Michael’s. That cardstock from Michael’s became a personal mission for me, Chris & mom! Michael’s only seems to carry a certain amount of inventory, and once I figured out that I wanted to use this particular shade of green 12 x 12 cardstock, I cleaned out said inventory at no less than 3 of our local stores. In fact one store (the one closest to us) I cleaned out, told them they needed to restock, and then cleaned them out again! I am happy to say that I did end up buying enough of the paper for our invites and can’t wait to put them together!

I’ll share the assembly process in a later post, but for now here’s a little teaser of the invite.

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