Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hundreds of brides in one place

This weekend was the Dallas Bridal Show, and it's been on my calendar since we first got engaged. I always wondered what type of awesomeness can be found at a bridal show, and sadly I left not all that impressed.

Don't get me wrong there are lots of vendors at the bridal show for those that are in the beginning stages of planning, but with online research, recommendations from DFW Knotties (the girls on the DFW Knot message board) and preferred vendors from our venue and planner we already had a good idea on what vendors we want to use.

We arrived about an hour after the doors opened, and stood in the short line to pay for our tickets. Thankfully we already got the tip to print out our own labels at home, so we bypassed that line and started our tour around Dallas Market Center. I'm not the biggest fan of the cake, in fact you can even watch the video from my 4th birthday when everyone else is eating my birthday cake and I'm eating a bowl of ice cream. So the free cake samples were ok, but started tasting all the same after a while. I'm glad mom and Chris are a little more into the cake tasting so they'll be more excited then me when it comes to making those appointments. We saw several photographers, but I've already decided on that so we passed those by. We did get my ring cleaned and pick up cards, brochures, bags and other random goodies from florists, cake bakers, registry places, Sandals locations, and dress boutiques. I'm excited to start trying on dresses, but feel that it's a little too early for that. We did set up an appointment with Alfred Angelo just to get an $75 off coupon, but may or may not go to that. If we do, there's no way we would actually buy a dress... but at least I could start to get a better idea of what type of dresses will look good on me.

So all in all it was nice to experience the bridal show, but I'm pretty sure I'll stick to the word of mouth recommendations.

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