Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friends Forever

Anyone else a huge fan of Saved by the Bell? Remember that “Rockumentary” episode where they started a band that shot to stardom only to break up over the fame going to Zack’s head? Of course we have to have a happy ending, when the group gets back together and “sings” (yes I totally realize that was not their singing, or playing of musical instruments either) that Friends Forever song. Well we're lucky enough to have some amazing friends and can’t tell you how excited we are to have them stand up for us on the big day!

Chris and I didn’t want a huge wedding party (huge parties can get pretty expensive!), just our closest friends and family who mean the world to us standing up for us at the altar. Here’s a little breakdown of our wedding party:

Maid of honor –Kristen
Kristen and I first met during the summer before sophomore year of high school when we were paired together during the Adam's Course (a summer workout program for students). Kristen and I have been through a lot during our years of friendship including high school, prom, all things college at Texas A&M, studying abroad in Mexico and so much more. I love this girl to death and am so happy that she will be standing next to me when I say my vows to Chris.

Bridesmaid – Corinne
Corinne and I are what you call lifelong friends. Our parents met in Lamaze class when they were expecting our older brothers who were born 2 weeks apart. I have shared so many memories with Corinne from ballet and tap class to family vacations at the beach in North Carolina. Even after my family moved to Texas, our two families continued to vacation together, travel for each other's graduations from high school and college, and have always remained close. I love Corinne like a sister and always will.

Bridesmaid – Colby
Colby and I met when she transferred from California to Texas A&M and became the third member of 1257 Canyon Creek. We have wonderful memories of the last two years of college such as ring dance and trips to the lake house. As we grow older we enjoy weekend trips back and forth between Houston and Dallas as well as roomie reunions in San Diego. Colby is married to Chris who is one of Chris' groomsmen.

Bridesmaid – Lora
Lora and I met in college at Texas A&M through a co-ed business fraternity called Phi Beta Lambda. We had fun doing all types of activities from pledge retreats, to business trips to community service. Our friendship has grown since college after Lora moved to Dallas, allowing us to hang out more often. Lora is married to Brandon, who is another one of Chris' groomsmen.

Best Man – Daniel
Daniel is Chris' older brother and they have been through a lot together. Daniel and his girlfriend Stephanie have an incredibly cute daughter Danielle who will be 3 by the time our wedding comes around. Hopefully she’ll be able to handle the flower girl duties of looking cute and not crying.

Groomsman – Dennis
Dennis is my older brother and has been there for me since the beginning. Dennis is the "bestest" big brother and is always there talk and laugh about our life experiences. Dennis was the first one in my family to meet Chris and has welcomed him on our family vacations.

Groomsman – Chris
Chris and I met in college when he roomed with my friend Matt that I went to middle school and high school with. Chris is married to Colby, and they are wonderful friends of ours. Chris and I always enjoy spending weekends with them in Houston, attempting to wake board hehe.

Groomsman – Brandon
Brandon and I pledged PBL together at Texas A&M, and have been friends ever since. Brandon is married to my bridesmaid Lora, and they live in the Dallas area, hosting fun parties that Chris and I always look forward to. Chris and Brandon enjoy hanging out & playing video games.

We absolutely LOVE our wedding party, and are so thankful to have them in our lives!

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