Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Work & Family

So I'm up in Columbus for work this week and I'm actually having a good time. Unlike the 3 other times I've been here for work (Feb, Sept & Dec) the weather is nice... 80 degrees is sooooo much better then the 103 it is in Dallas today. One of the added perks of traveling for work (other then AA miles and eating for free) is that I get to see my cousin Jason and his wife Olympia.

The first time (that I can remember) being in Columbus was for their wedding in 2004. Their church wedding was wonderful as was the family style reception and dancing that followed. Mom likes the family style eating so much that we're looking at holding the rehearsal dinner at Bucca Di Beppo. It's great being able to have dinner with them when I'm up here for work, and even better to relive old and new family memories (no more lemonade, Dennis??). While there isn't any wedding planning or DIY projects while I'm up here, I did get to update Jason & Olympia (who will be an usher & in the house party for our wedding) on some recent wedding details. It's great being able to talk with someone who has gone through a longer engagement in order to save for their wedding and just reaffirms our decision to have the wedding in 2011 and start out wedding debt free.

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