Monday, July 13, 2009

DOC or more??

I’m a big fan of most wedding shows currently on TV, with my favorite being “Whose wedding is it anyways?” which is told from the perspective of the wedding planner. After getting engaged I first thought about how cool it would be to be on a show like that! Since that isn’t very likely I did think about the possibility of fitting a Day of Coordinator, or DOC, into the budget. Mom and Chris both thought that would be a fantastic idea since it would help alleviate the stress on the big day.

Thanks to the internet and a couple connecting factors we found Kathie Seeley of Grand Events. Kathie was actually a planner mentioned on the blog of a wedding photographer that mom and I follow; her attention to detail came out in the beautiful pictures taken by Stacy Reeves. Mom and I set up a free consultation with Kathie to discuss our vision for the wedding and learn more about the services she offers. I think the best way to describe Kathie would be to use the phrase my mom said in our post meeting drive home: “she’s worth her weight in gold”. Kathie really understood where mom and I were coming from. She understood our budget and also gave us a couple tricks of the trade that could save us some money. We loved Kathie so much we knew that we could use her creative ideas & insight more than just the weekend of, so we booked her as our wedding planner. Even though the wedding isn’t for another 650+ days, we’ve already started working on ideas for the big day.

Added Bonus: Kathie is actually a recommend vendor of our venue! It’s great to know that Kathie has worked weddings at our venue and has a good working relationship with the staff there. Even though she has done several weddings at the Tribute, she has never done a wedding with our colors. I think this fact coupled with our personalities will help ensure that our wedding won’t be similar to others she has coordinated there. I know that Kathie is going to be a great asset during our journey and I can’t wait to get down to the real planning for the big day!

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