Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Engagement Pictures – Here or there?

As you might remember we booked our photographer Lynn Michelle way back in August and as part of our package we get an Engagement session. These pictures have been a motivating factor in our gym visits because we want to look good!

We plan on using an engagement picture on the save the date magnet, a canvas wrap to display at the reception (another perk in the package we purchased), the cards to let guests know where they can look up the professional pictures online after the wedding as well as a coffee table book that I will probably make through Blurb later.

Other then the all important question of what to wear for this session (I’m still not sure but plan on making at least one outfit change during the session), we need to decide where we want to have the pictures taken. Looking through Lynn’s portfolio we found an old train track area that she has shot at that looks like a great backdrop. Mom and I also thought of a small airport type area that might be great to incorporate the travel theme.

One of Lynn’s photo sessions at the train tracks (link)

I figured anything in the DFW area would work since there wouldn’t be any travel costs included in the session. Then came talk of our family reunion for this summer and the location picked was…. drum roll please…

Las Vegas Strip (link)

…VEGAS! Now my family is no stranger to Vegas… friends and co-workers have nicknamed it our second home because we go so often. Since my first trip in 1993, I believe that I have been to Vegas nearly 45 or 50 times. And you want to know what the funny thing about that is? The majority of those times were before I was even legal to gamble! Back in the day there were tons of things for kids to do.

Now you may be asking yourself, what my family vacation in Vegas has to do with our engagement pictures. Well, I’ve been weighing the options of pushing back our session this spring in Dallas and paying to fly Lynn out to Vegas to do our engagement pictures there. I’ve heard that Vegas is a photographer’s playground with all of the locations on and off the strip to shot at. Just think of some gorgeous shots in front of the Belliago water show…

Chris & me in front of Belliago in 2008

Or maybe some shots near the canals at the Venetian…

Chris & me on the gondola in 2008

Or my favorite is to find this junk yard that houses old Vegas signs…

Vegas Neon graveyard (link)

Sigh, those pictures would be amazing, but is it worth the cost to fly Lynn out there (including travel expenses and food)?

Would you pay extra to fly a photographer to a destination for your engagement session?


D. Marie said...

My mom loves Vegas...she got married to her husband there too! That junkyard with the old signs would be so fun! I dont know if I would want to pay the extra cost though...maybe you can find out how much it would be or maybe get a discount on her ticket. Your moms idea of taking them at an airport for your travel theme sounds like a great idea. Good luck. Love the dress your wearing on the gondola ride!

Lauren said...

Thank you!! We're not having too much luck at the airports so we're probably going to do a railroad museum.