Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being Productive

Gotta love a productive Saturday!!

Mama Elephant and I headed out to a boutique crawl in old town Lewisville. Since most of our vendors are already signed, we really went for the eats, to try on my dress again and make the appointment for when my wonderful bridesmaids are in town. We did meet a very sweet hair and makeup artist who I may have to check into later.

The drawing for prizes wasn't until 3 pm, so we killed some time over at DSW and wouldn't you know it - I found my wedding shoes!! As you may remember, I wanted blue shoes for the wedding so I was happy to find several blue shoes to try on. Here are my beauties!

Personal Pictures

And the best part?? With my rewards coupon (that came in the mail the day before we went shopping - I'll go ahead and call it fate) they only cost me $25.40!! I couldn't be happier!! :)

After the bust of a drawing, (I really could have used the free groom's cake, veil or wedding band or toasting flutes) we high tailed it over to meet with Kris to discuss our hotel block. We toured the hotel and the room for the morning after brunch. Kris came up with a very tasty menu and after discussing for a moment how it really was the best idea to have it at the hotel, we signed a contract for that!

I love checking off several items in one day! Did you make the most out of your weekends to complete wedding planning tasks?

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