Sunday, March 21, 2010

Invitations the DIY way, Part 1

Oh wedding invitations, what can I say about you? In all honesty I am not a paper connoisseur, and while there are a lot of girls out there that dream of letterpress goodness I am not one of them.

I started to take notice of wedding invites a couple years ago when we received an invite to Lora and Brandon’s wedding (who are both a part of our wedding party). The first detail that caught my eye was the outside closure to the pocketfold (and no, I had no clue that is what the invite was called until I started to plan our wedding) which had both my name and Chris’ name. I thought it was so cute to detail each invite with the guests’ names. I also fell in love with the pocketfold itself, holding all of the cards in a nice and neat package.

Fast forward to the planning of our wedding and I initially set out to look up the prices of pocketfold invites… woah, mama! (anyone else picture in their head the “all in the mall” episode of saved by the bell when they found that $5000 and proceeded to be chased by two “crooks” but found out they were just on a hidden camera show? Love Saved by the bell!)


Ordering invites is expensive! I’m not just referring to pocketfolds, but to invites in general. I couldn’t for the life of me spend that much money on paper that is sure to make its way to the nearest trash can for everyone other than me and my mom.

In hopes of finding a way to cut the costs, I headed over to the DIY boards on the knot and made the decision to make the invites ourselves! I thought to myself, it’ll be a way to save money and keep me busy during this long engagement. I ventured over to and looked through their stock of cardstock and invites. I wanted to do a pocketfold, but quickly realized that ours would look pretty empty since the hotel information is going out with the save the dates, and there really aren’t directions need since the ceremony and reception are at the same venue. After a little more searching I came across the petal fold invites which stuck out to me as something a little different from a normal card, and wouldn’t look silly with only an RSVP postcard inside. I quickly ordered some samples and waited for them to arrive.

Stay tuned for more invite goodness…

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