Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bridesmaids Dresses

When it comes to the lovely ladies that will be standing up for me on my big day, the only thing I knew I wanted in their dresses was that they felt beautiful. I tried to narrow it down into brands/designers and a length and then they could pick the dress that best fits their body type. Since I had some extra time on my hands, I made a PowerPoint with the pictures of the different dresses and the prices I could find online.

The first set of dresses are J Crew, Silk Chiffon in Vintage Blue. I think these can be wore again easy, but may not be dressy enough for the wedding.

Pictures from J Crew Weddings

Next up are the Bill Levkoff knee length dresses. These seem to be a favorite of the girls and I like that there were several style options to choose from. The dresses will be European Satin in Royal Blue.

Bill Levkoff dress pictures found via Best Bridal Prices

The next set are also Bill Levkoff, but tea length instead. I personally am not a fan of my thick legs (thanks genetics and ballet/track) so I wasn't sure if they would like a little more length to their dresses. These also all come in European Satin, in Royal Blue.

Bill Levkoff Dresses images from Best Bridal Prices

Last but not least are the David's Bridal selection. When MOH Navy and I went to David's Bridal after Christmas we spent some time looking at colors and fabrics for the BM dresses. We didn't' realize how short they were until we saw these pictures online. I think all the girls prefer at the knee or a little below. We looked at the Horizon color in Cotton or Cotton Sateen.

In our recent trip to Denton Bridal Co. mom and I took a look around the bridesmaids dresses and found the 4 knee length Bill Levkoff. I think they look awesome in person and can't wait to get an idea of what they will look like on the girls when they come at the end of the month for the Bridesmaids Summit!

Here's Mama Elephant holding up each of the different dresses to get a better idea of where they actually hit right below the knee

Personal Photos

Did you do some research on the Bridesmaids dresses, or just let the girls pick what they wanted?


Katie said...

Those Bill Levkoff dresses are really pretty! My bm's are all in the vintage blue silk chiffon J Crew dresses :)

Lauren said...

Thanks Katie! Your post on Wedding Bee was the thing that made me look into J Crew!