Saturday, March 27, 2010

Invitations the DIY way, Part 3

Now for the fun (and final) part, the big reveal of our invites!

The assembly of these bad boys is actually quite easy. The petal folds are pre-cut, so the only steps I needed to do are listed below.

1. Print out invitation wording on linen cardstock. I fit 2 invites per one normal size piece of paper.

2. Using my handy paper cutter, I cut out the invite wording with a little help from the light gray box I added in word.

3. I stamped our flourish on the bottom of the invite and embossed (seen here)

4. I used a tracer similar to the ones for the save the dates to get 4 mats from one piece of 12x12 green cardstock. Cut them out.

5. With the help of my Xyron roller, I attached the green matting to the petal fold and then the linen paper on top of that.

6. Add the RSVP postcard from Vistaprint and close. And for those of our guests that are coming from out of town, a card with information about the send off brunch.

7. With the invite complete it’s time to move onto the belly band. I measured out 10 inches of 1.5” wide green ribbon (purchased from Michael’s).

8. Using another tracer, I cut out 2.5” x 2.5” green squares from the same Michael’s cardstock.

9. Print out the 2” x 2” squares containing the guests names and then run the strips through the Xyron machine (found it easier than using the roller for each square).

10. Punch out the names with 2” x 2” puncher (purchased from Michael’s with a coupon)

11. Wrap the ribbon around the petal invite, place the green square behind the ribbon, and roll adhesive on top of the green square to hold the ribbon in place.

12. Peel off the guests’ name and stick it on top of the green mat/ribbon.

And there you have it! Our DIY invite. Only thing left is put it into the green envelopes (also ordered from and stick a wrap around label on it.

Here’s the final suite with invite, belly band, RSVP and envelope. Simple, sweet and a heck of a lot cheaper than ordering them.

We're still playing around with the wrap around labels, but other then that we're very happy with the final results!
Will you be DIYing your invites? If you did were you able to save money?

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