Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dress Shopping - the last round...I hope

Yep, it's dress shopping time again! This time Mama Elephant and I headed out to Bridal Couture of Addison based on their web site which said it had a large selection of plus size dresses. After signing in for my appointment I was very disappointed to see their "large selection" was really only one rack. I guess in comparison to the size of the whole store, it could be seen as a large selection to some.

We pulled a handful of dresses and went back to try them on. This store does not caring my top pick (nor could they order it), so the majority of the dresses that I tried on were Casablanca and Maggie Sottero.

First up Maggie Sottero Laila - This satin beauty is from the Spring 2010 collection and my thoughts were that it was nice, but a little heavy. I wasn't crazy about the beading around the butt, but was told that they can remove that.

Casablanca #1776 - This second dress had a lot more interesting detail around the bottom and train, which was great. I wonder if they could change the zip up back to a corset back.

Love the detailing of the top and bottom.

Maggie Sottero - Vonda: This was a nice dress, gave me a great waist. And yes it was a little small, hence the "I can't breath" look in this picture.

Maggie Sottero - Vienna: Very pretty dress! I love the shape of it and the lace and beading were both very pretty. The little bit of rouching to the side helps give me a waist. What I didn't like about this dress? The price! It was a little over $1300, something we didn't notice before putting it on. Oh well I guess it's a good thing I didn't fall in love with this one and have to justify the cost to myself.

And there you have it, the end of our dress shopping experience.  Next time you see a dress post from Miss Elephant, it will be The Dress!

Did you have much luck trying on dresses? If you are plus size, was dress shopping a fear for you like it originally was for me?

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