Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Biggest Loser

The battle of the bulge has been a constant cycle for me since I was younger. I was blessed with nice “gammers” as my grandmother called them but I just saw them as large thighs.
Dennis & me at Halloween
Dennis, Mom and me at the strawberry farm

Dennis, Dad and me raking the leaves

Growing up I was very active in sports and ballet which helped to maintain my weight, but as I got older and went off to college I definitely gained that Freshman 15 (or then some). Once I graduated and started to work, I was motivated to shed some pounds. I worked out and watched what I ate and lost a good 20 pounds right as I started to go on dates via

New Years 2006

Now I can’t put all the blame on dating, but the truth is going out to eat and wanting to spend extra time with Chris decreased the amount of time I spent in the gym and motivation to eat well. Unfortunately I gained back the 20 pounds I lost at the beginning of 2007 (and then some).

Christmas 2009

With the wedding coming up in another year I figure now is as good as any time to get motivated again. While I would love to lose a lot of weight, I don’t want to get upset if it doesn’t happen. For me, my goal is to feel my best on my wedding day. To help with some accountability I have decided to do monthly updates via this blog which will include the number of exercise days per month and number of pounds lost.

Here’s hoping for the best!

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