Friday, January 29, 2010

The AA Experience

Yes I do like a drink here and there socially (used to be more often in the good ol college days), but no this post has nothing to do with alcohol.

It's all about our trip to Alfred Angelo! I can't say I was that excited about the trip to Alfred Angelo, I already have my sights set on the dress mentioned here, but as mom said, it doesn't hurt to try out more options.

I will give Alfred Angelo's (AA) much more props then David's Bridal (DB). AA had pretty much any dress I wanted to try on in my size, or bigger so I could "feel small" but having those clips placed on the back. It was nice to actually be able to see what the dresses looked like on, rather then the experience most "larger" girls have, where they have to just hold a dress up to determine if it's the one.

We all love pictures, so here we go!

Dress #1 - I can't find the dress number on the AA website
I liked the beading and rouching on this dress, but could do without the bling on the side... I thought that was just a little much. The train was also a little boring, compared to the front. Comparing this dress to my "number 1", I would like for some interest to the back, since people will be staring at it while we say our vows.

Dress #2 - AA#830
This was just too plain for me. I need a little sumpin' sumpin' and the bling on the belt just wasn't enough. Also note I wasn't too impressed by the pockets either.

Dres #3 - AA #1807
This was one of my favorites of the day. It's English netting over satin, and also had some nice side rouching. At first I always thought I wanted a lace dress, but I think this has just too much going on. One of things that keeps me from bumping my #1, is that this dress doesn't give me as much of a waist.

Very pretty train!

Here you can see mom getting in on the camera action. This was her favorite of the day hands down.

Dress #4 - AA# 2031
Another favorite of the day. I liked that it wasn't as much going on as the last one, but still had the rouching and the bling. I was a little afraid that there might be a little too much boob action in this dress.

Wanted to check it out with a veil. Note to self, don't lean back like that, makes my stomach stick out even more.

Dress #5 - AA#1136
The second I put this one on, I knew I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, the beading and rouching were great, but the type of beading looked cheap close up, and annoyed the heck out of my underarms. I know I would be taking it out on someone by the end of the night, so no go on this dress.

And another veil, just for kicks. I think I want a fingertip length veil, in sheer with some beading on the end. I highly doubt I'll be buying one in a bridal store since they are priced so high. I'll be checking out Etsy and other Trash to Treasure sites for a veil more reasonably priced.

So there you go, the hits and misses from Alfred Angelo's. Mom and I will probably venture to two more stores, and then mark the favorites for the Bridesmaids summit at the end of March!

How many dresses did you try on after you thought you found the one?

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