Saturday, January 23, 2010

Splurges: Videographer

The videographer topic was not included in the initial planning talks between Mr. E, my parents and myself. We figured that we could just relive the big day from all the wonderful pictures our photographer will take. At the second meeting with our planner, Kathie asked about videographers and Mama Elephant piped up that it was on her wish list if we could fit in the budget.

I thought to myself, who would really want to watch that video? It would probably be a waste of money that only we (well more so me then Mr. E) and possibly my parents would watch. But after thinking about it more, and checking out some of the awesome videos on local videographer’s websites and ones on Weddingbee like Mrs. Scissors amazing video, I was hooked. Even if it didn’t get played a million times, it would be so wonderful to actually hear Mr. E and I say our vows on that day!

We’re still doing our research to see if we can find a decent videographer that won’t break bank.

Did you or are you having a videographer at your wedding?


bratty pants said...

My aunt taped the ceremony and a little bit of the reception. I've been married 6 years and I've seen it once. It's wonderful hearing the words, but photography was my #1 concern.


Lauren said...

Photography is the biggest thing for me too! That's why we're willing to go with an "upstart" on the videography, because we're already spending a large chunk on our wonderful photographer.