Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vista Print

I actually stumbled across Vista Print back in the early stages of the engagement when I was looking for an online place to make our STD magnets (before we decided to make them ourselves). I’ve read that a lot of girls on the DIY Knot boards have used vista print for all types of wedding things from STD magnets & postcards, to business cards for guest to share their pictures to brochures for OOT bags.

After reading on Weddingbee that one of the bees used post cards for their RSVPs, which cut down on costs, I talked with Chris and we decided it would be a good way to save some money since postcard stamps are cheaper then normal envelope stamps. I went on Vista Print and designed a postcard uploading our monogram for the front and back.

I learned that once you sign up to receive their emails you’ll get lots of (almost daily) offers for free stuff. One Friday I checked out the “Free Friday” offers which included 100 “free” postcards (which are normally $24.99), so I went into my saved postcard design and placed the order for 100 postcards. The free postcards ended up costing $26.53 due to the $4.99 per logo/picture upload (I did 2, 1 on the entire front and another small 1 on the top of the back.), $9.99 for color (I could have been cheap and did it in black and white, but I really wanted to keep with the blue and green of the invite) and the rest was for shipping. Not the cheapest you could get, but when I looked at it, it was cheaper then purchasing all the envelopes and cardstock and ink to print the RSVPs at home. We’re also saving almost 20 cents per card in stamps since the postcard stamps are cheaper. I selected the slowest/cheapest shipping which was an estimated 25 days. I placed the order on a Friday, and received the package of postcards the following Thursday, it didn’t even take a week! I ordered the second set of 100 postcards the next weekend after finding a code for free uploads thanks to a DIY Knottie. Too bad I didn’t know of that the first time around, I could have saved myself an extra $10.

front and back of the postcard

To add a little more to the postcard, I decided to round the edges using a rounder from Michael’s (purchased of course with a coupon).

I think they turned out pretty good and I’m excited to use them in the invitation suite! I'm tossed between rounding all the edges (which mom likes better) or doing only 2 alternating corners (which Chris likes better).

How would you round the edges? Did you go with a different format for your RSVPs?


Runrgurl10 said...

I like the 4 corners rounded! They look great!

Lauren said...

Thanks! That's the one I think I'm leaning towards.