Thursday, January 21, 2010

A moment for my mom

This past weekend mom and I set out on a couple vendor meetings (ceremony music and one last DJ/Lighting company) and then decided to make an appointment to try on a couple of dresses.

Before you get you hopes up, there were no pictures allowed in the bridal boutique :( so I don't have any pictures of me in dresses to share with you.... at least not yet ;)

Our dress shopping outing began with a quick trip to Ross where I followed Mrs Scissors' advice on wearing some proper undergarments. Using the trusty GPS, we found our way to the bridal boutique and got there before it even opened... opps! Our appointment was at 1:30, so we waited till about 5 mins after the store opened, hoping that maybe we could get started early.

Our salesperson/dresser Marcy was so sweet! She prepared my dressing room while Mama Elephant and I started picking out some samples to try on. After Marcy saw the type of style we were going for, she began picking some out as well. We quickly accumulated quite a stack, so we stopped and headed for the dressing room. Mom sat out by the stand/mirror while I headed to back and tried on the first dress.

I walked out and could tell that my mom was having a moment... the first time she saw her only daughter in a wedding dress. It was so sweet! We both agreed that we really liked the first one (Chiffon, not lace like I thought I would want), and continued on through several dresses.

Throughout the course of our hour appointment, I think I tried on about 10 or so dresses, and definitely confirmed that I am not the satin ballgown wearing bride (major props to those brides out there that are, that dress was sooooo heavy!), and that a chiffon/ruching dress was very figure flattering for my body type. I was so happy to have a waist, which I didn'treally have with the dress I tried on at David's Bridal.

This is a beautiful dress, but just wasn't me

We listed our three top contenders with Marcy, and will be heading back there during the Bridemaids Dallas Summit so my 4 bridesmaids can see me try on some dresses.

They didn't give us the names of the designers/dress models, so I had to search high and low (based on my memory) to find the image of my favorite...I want to call it "the one" but I agree with mom that I need to try on a couple more just to make sure. I'm going to be a tease and keep you in suspense for pictures of the dress until later on :)

Did you check out more dresses after finding a favorite?

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