Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Splurges: Photobooth

Another splurge for the wedding that we really want to fit into the budget is a photobooth.

The first pictures Mr. E and I have together were taken in a mall photobooth on our 3rd date. That photo strip still hangs on our fridge to this day. As you can guess we’ve changed a little since then.

There are a couple of cool aspects of the photobooth that really draw us into this wedding trend.

*First off, none of our friends have had one at their wedding, so I think it would be something new for them to enjoy as well.

*The booths that we are looking at all give us a CD of all the pictures taken that night, so we can go back after the wedding and look at all of our crazy fun guests

*An additional point would be to include double printouts that night. This way our guest would be able to take one home with them and the other would be left for us. Possibly put into an album for us to enjoy for years to come.

We are currently working on fitting the booth into our budget as well as our venue - depending on our final guest list there may not be enough room to fit the booth in the room with all the guests and buffet. In which case we would have to more it to the bar area or right outside the ballroom.

Have you been to a wedding with a photobooth? Did you enjoy it?

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