Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Passport To Love: Cake Times Two

As is pretty traditional in southern weddings, we had two cakes at our reception.  The traditional wedding cake and a chocolate groom's cake.

The travel cake consisted of 3 tiers - white chocolate with raspberry filling, white chocolate with apricot filling and strawberry cake with strawberry filling. It was topped off with our little luggage bags.

Our cake stands were set up a little different then what I pictured, but I loved how they added to the look of the cakes! I was amazed at how on point our baker was with our inspiration for the travel cake and for Mr. E's German chocolate with Dulce de leche filling gamer's cake.

The groom's cake was topped with rice krispie shaped controllers so our personalized cake topper looked on from the side.

Our toasting flutes and serving set were in place and ready for us.

Thanks to Lynn's direction we were ready to dive in.

Guest Photo

Take a close look at this next picture.

Did you notice it?  That is Mr. E's piece of cake to feed me falling to the floor.  We all had a good laugh and he went for try #2, this time with a hand out to catch any run away cake

After sampling the first cake, it was time to snatch up a couple of double dipped strawberries that surrounded the groom's cake.

True to his gamer nature, Mr. E decided that our cake cutting experience wouldn't be complete without a bite from the Wii remote before aiming it at the crowd.  Our guests loved this!

I couldn't pass up a bite as well.

We finished up with a toast and a kiss.

Next up, some touching words from our friends.

Are there any brides out there that got to enjoy more cake than the piece you ate during the cake cutting?

All photos from Lynn Michelle unless otherwise noted

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