Thursday, August 11, 2011

Passport To Love: One Minor Detail

With all of my organization, I thought we were beyond prepared for our wedding.  Everything was packed, labeled and ready to go.  The one thing that I forgot was probably one of the most important things of the night - our marriage license.

Lynn's 3rd photographer Audrey was a lifesaver and took my keys to go back to our apartment to get it.  I later found out that she had to make two trips since no one listened to me when I said she would have to go through the garage because the front door was double locked.

I gave Audrey a huge hug when she got back

With the marriage license in hand, we headed to the pub to have it signed by Revered Rosset. 

Signed, sealed, delivered. We were legally wed.

With that minor detail taken care of, we headed back to the dance floor in time for the soul train line.

Gotta love the shopping cart

If you look in the far left of the picture above you will see my cousin Jason's expression as his mom, my Aunt Bunny breaks it down.  I guess he didn't think she was breaking it down enough, and he needed to show her how it's done.

There was a dance off to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean

And even a little Congo line action

For the married bees out there - was there anything that you forgot on your wedding day?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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