Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock Me Like A Hurricane

This past weekend Mr. E, the fam and I traveled up to Philly to celebrate the wedding of BM Philly and her husband D.

The weekend was filled with wonderful events from the welcome BBQ on Thursday, to the rehearsal and cocktail party on Friday to the big event on Saturday.  Of course the weather was a big topic of interest as Hurricane Irene was heading our way.

BM Philly and her mom worked so hard on the beautiful purple and green wedding details many of which were DIY such as the programs, flip flop baskets, ceremony decor and cake pops.

BM Philly even surprised D with a Boston Sports themed groom's cake at the cocktail party on Friday. I like to think she got that idea from all of her dedicated reading of Weddingbee :)

Unfortunately their plans of a gorgeous garden wedding were dashed by the torrential downpour and wind thanks to Irene.  Their wedding was still amazingly beautiful even though the tornado warnings shut the party down a little early.  The food was amazing, the cocktails were flowing and we made more than one trip to the photo booth not worrying about the rain until the very end.

With warnings of the hurricane approaching and transportation in the Tri state area shutting down, there were more than a handful of guests that understandably decided not to make the trip to the wedding.  If you were a bride in that position, would you want to receive cancellation calls and texts ahead of time, or after the wedding?  Was anyone else's wedding effected by the hurricane this past weekend?

*I know that weddings are more of a first world problem.  My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones or their houses in Hurricane Irene.

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