Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Passport To Love: Toasts

Once we cut into the cake it was time to pass out the champagne for MOH Navy and Groomsman Runner to make their toasts.

MOH Navy made a joke about how I made her wait 755 days to give her speech.

Her speech was extremely sweet and talked about some of the same wonderful memories I shared during my MOH speech at her wedding.  I loved reliving some of our times together from high school, in college, during our study abroad in Mexico and life since college.

BM Cali listened in with the rest of the crowd about some of our college memories.

Up next was Groomsmen Runner who is an amazing public speaker by trade. (Mr. E's brother is very nervous speaking to crowds so he asked not to give a toast)

He had us busting out as he recounted how he met me back in college and knew that any guy I introduced into our circle of friends had to be the real deal.

We cherish our friends and were really touched by their sweet words for a lifetime of happiness.

Up next - Our father daughter dance with a Caribbean twist.

Will you be having toasts at your wedding?  Are you excited to hear what memories your friends will share?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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