Sunday, August 21, 2011

Passport To Love: Light It Up

We were so excited for our sparkler grand exit!!!  It was something that we did not think would happened, but as luck would have it our venue changed their policy and it lit up our night.

The sparklers were set up along with our remaining bottles of water.  Our guests must have danced up a thirst because there were no bottles left on our way out.

Due to our delay in starting our private last dance (some guests were helping themselves to our table names and extra chocolates) and the high wind, our guests had to light the sparklers twice.  Maybe we should have purchased longer ones like Mrs. Buttons.

And away we go!

We circled the building and were about to head upstairs before Mr. E reminded us to get some pictures for our thank you cards

We headed up to our suite, popped some champagne and ate some of our cake that we didn't really get to enjoy at the reception.

And that concludes our absolutely wonderful wedding day!

Trying to stretch out my time on the Bee, I have a couple of posts still up my sleeve.  Next up: our morning after brunch.

Will you have anything special for your send off?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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