Friday, February 25, 2011

Taking The Cheap Way

As the countdown continues, I beginning to find myself trying to save more and more on the DIY projects.  Case in point, our rehearsal dinner invites.

I was all set to just order cute ones off of Vista Print, but even with a coupon code ordering 30 still would have cost something.  It's not that expensive in the scheme of things, but I decided I could just use left over pieces of cardstock I've saved from other projects and print them at home.

I found the poem online from another bride awhile ago and saved it because it was too cute.  I made a minor change and added "Tex Mex" to the poem so guests would understand why there are chili peppers in the corner.

The poem reads:

"Practice makes perfect,
it's true what they say.
Please join us for a rehearsal
of the big day!

Meet at the Tribute at (time) on the dot
where Mr. E and Miss E
will soon tie the knot.

After the rehearsal,
when all is said and done,
we'll head out to Blue Mesa
for good Tex Mex food and fun!"

I picked up a box of colorful envelopes from an office store and printed the addresses on them.  Done and done!

Will you be making invites for your rehearsal/dinner?  As you get closer to your wedding do you find yourself taking the easy or cheap way for projects?

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