Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First Wedding Gift!

There's nothing like walking back from the gym and running into the FedEx driver (who might as well be on a first name basis with the amount of stuff ordered for this wedding) who asks us if we would like a wedding gift.

I was a little surprised but figured that the large heavy box from Bed, Bath & Beyond was a giveaway.  Lucky for her, Mr. E saved her from climbing the stairs to our apartment with the heavy box.  Of course I had to document this milestone!

Is the box heavy or are your arms tired from lifting weights?

Look at that speed, I think he was more excited than me!

Four pretty wrapped packages

Yay!  It's four of our casual china dining place settings!

Now the only problem will be, where to store these gifts with the DIY projects taking over the guest room.

Oh, and in related news - If you have a friend that is getting married and going to register at BB&B, have them list you as their referral.  Thanks to BM Philly we got a $25 certificate (for use on a $50 purchase) in the mail!  Remember the bedding we originally registered for? 

Well that was last summer and it is now no longer available (sad face).  Mama E and I happen to be searching BB&B and found the comforter set in the clearance section. Reduced price and an extra $25 off? Score!! I have now been to 3 or 4 other stores collecting the decorative pillows (originally $39.99 per pillow down to $4.99,  plus 20% off coupons, heck yeah!!)

Were you excited to receive your first wedding gift?  What was it?

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