Thursday, February 3, 2011

Input From The Other Half

When it comes to wedding planning in the Elephant household, it's mainly completed by me.  Don't get me wrong, Mr. E is excited about getting married.  We have made the big decisions together; like the venue, photographer and the tasting menu.  He's just not worried about the little details. On the other hand there's me, where the details have helped me to pass the time during the past 22 months.

Mr. E is extremely helpful whenever I ask for help (which I'm sure I will be asking for more help as the countdown continues to fly by), and has taken on some projects on his own.  If it's something involving tools, it's right up his ally.  If there is any creative aspect, like painting our wedding tree or designing elements in Photoshop or Illustrator, he's all over that.

At the computer working on our logo for the photo booth strips while our water bottle labels dry.

I know that there are some grooms/brides out there that love to be a part of every planning detail for the wedding, just like there are some who would rather do as little planning as possible.  Where does (or did) your fianc√© fall in that spectrum?  Were they big on planning all of the wedding aspects, helpful here and there, or was it a struggle for you to get their help?

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