Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

And that good thing would be the John Hancock & words of advice from our guests.

To refresh your memory we are doing postcards for the reception.

And the wedding tree for our rehearsal dinner.

We were good to go, no real overkill since they would be at two different events.

Then my FMIL surprised us with a handmade wedding quilt to have guests sign.

It is beautiful and I love it! So now there's technically 3 different versions of a guestbook and I'm afraid that's too much. I really want to use the ideas we have already come up with, but also incorporate the quilt in some way that is not overkill.

The only solution I have come up with so far is to keep the postcards for the reception (too perfect with our travel theme), the tree at the rehearsal dinner and the quilt at the shower/rehearsal dinner.  Follow along with my train of thought - have the quilt at the shower for the ladies in our life to leave wonderful messages and then bring it to the rehearsal dinner to have our closest friends and family fill out (there won't be enough guests at the shower to fill it out).  Since they would be signing the quilt at the rehearsal dinner, we would change up the wedding tree to just have thumb prints instead of signatures a la Miss Oatmeal.  

From Etsy Shop Bleu de Toi

What do you think?  I really want to incorporate the signing quilt because FMIL Elephant worked so hard on it.  Do you think that having it at the shower/rehearsal dinner would work?

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