Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Programs Are DONE, Man!

Major props to anyone who gets that reference!

Recently, we completed our second premarital session with our officiant.  We had the chance to follow up on our homework assignments from our last session, talk about drama (there always seems to be some when there's a wedding involved), talk about our future marriage and finalize the order of the ceremony.  Do you know what that means?  It means we get to make those passport programs!

From my prior post, you can see the embossing steps for the covers of the passports.  Once the ceremony was set in stone I started the daunting task of printing all of the pages out.  3 pages (2 of those pages had back and front printing on them) multiplied by 124 programs.  With 372 pages to cut I finally wised up and cut 5-6 pages at a time.  We probably won't need that many programs, but I already embossed all the covers and I didn't want them to go to waste.

Once the back pages were printed and cut (thank you trusty paper cutter!), I used spray adhesive to glue them to the covers.

iPhone photo to Mr. E to document my progress

The inside pages were cut, folded and ready to go.  Then came the not-so-fun part of folding the cardstock covers.  When folding by hand we ended up with edges like this.


I don't think I'm a perfectionist but I felt like these edges would make the hard work look half ass.  I've read somewhere that if you heat this type of cardstock before folding that it wont break as much.  With our save the dates my awesome bridesmaids stood over a pot of water, using the steam to prevent breakage.  I decided to use my heat embossing tool to speed up the process.

Note that my heat tool is on it's last legs

I have no clue how it happened, but somehow the cap of the heat tool has become loose and with continued use it has started to melt.  Oh well, I was determined to make it through all of these passports without going out and buying a new one.

Much better!

While I was heating and folding, Mr. E was rounding the corners.

All that was needed to finish these off was a simple staple.  Only problem is that our staplers wasn't long enough and unhinging it left the staple ends pointing out instead of bended like a normal staple.  I can only imagine the blood of our guests from pointy staples!  On to FedEx Office to utilize their extra long staplers.

Into the basket, slap on a sign and those programs are done!

These programs are the DIY I am most looking forward to sharing with our guests.  What DIY or detail was your favorite?

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